The RACE Talk

BY CYRENE RENEE It has been several days since the start of the global protest (deep sigh). I do that often now. I like to say that there is a blessing in the breath. To breathe is a blessing all its own. “Please, I can’t breathe” are the words spoken from George Floyd as he … Continue reading The RACE Talk

A Conversation With Author KF Johnson

BY CYRENE RENEE I have the fortunate opportunity to meet incredible authors of all different genres. Most of the time, I meet them at author expos, book fairs and other literary events. Every now and again, I conduct interviews on those that I have met along the way. It was June of 2017, while participating … Continue reading A Conversation With Author KF Johnson

In Search of Our Mothers Gardens

BY CYRENE RENEE I could sum the whole ordeal. Ordeal meaning the exploration that this book took me on in one word. Superb. I didn’t know I needed “In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens” by Alice Walker until I read it. It was one of those sublime moments in my life where I will do … Continue reading In Search of Our Mothers Gardens