Cyrene serves as a contributor for past publications such as Nu Origins Magazine and most recently Emily Cotton Top. With “Cyrene’s Reading Corner,” she writes reviews of various kinds of books and literature to include novels (fiction and nonfiction), historical content, poetry books, comic books as well as conducts author interviews.

As an independent author herself, Cyrene has chosen to bring attention to other writers and literary enthusiast by using her platform in the artistic community. If you are an author and would like to submit your work for review. Please send Cyrene an email for consideration to

Please include the following:

  • Author Bio
  • Website/Book Link
  • Brief synopsis of the book
  • Up to three photos  (book cover, author photo…)
  • Subject Line: (Author’s Name), (Book Title) Review Submission.

In addition to literature reviews and content, Cyrene also writes for entertainment and other platforms pertaining to fashion and events. Please see below and click on the icons to read some affiliate writings.