Model Flow


A couple of weeks ago, I posted some model open call and casting tips on Facebook. I spend a lot of time at castings as an auditioning model, casting director and casting assistant. If you have not attended a model call and for those who have, you know that the experience can be overwhelming. In some cases, there are 50 to 500+ other model hopefuls for a 12-minute fashion show event. On the Eve of New York Fashion Week (NYFW), I am sharing the tips here for those who made need some general advice.

  1. You do not pay to walk in any fashion shows for any reason. (i.e. mandatory donations, mandatory ticket sales and casting registration fees).
  2. It you want runway lessons, great. Seek reputable coaching. There are many people who give “lessons.” Make sure they know what they are doing. Just because a person can walk, doesn’t mean they can teach. If you don’t have access to a runway coach, search videos on YouTube for tips and pointers.
  3. Have a digital and several print comp cards.
  4. Give truthful measurements and accurate contact information.
  5. Ladies, have your shoes for castings. Preferably, non-platform shoes with a stiletto heel. Men, have hard sole shoes.
  6. Be professional.
  7. Be on time.
  8. Be presentable. (Comb your hair, groom and only light makeup).
  9. Wear fitting clothing.
  10. When in doubt, wear black.
  11. Read the casting instructions and requirements fully. It will most likely answer the questions that you may have.
  12. Research the brand or designer.
  13. Be confident. You only have on average 10 – 15 seconds to show your talent. Make it count.
  14. Breathe and have fun.
  15. (This is an additional tip) A “no” doesn’t mean never. Keep trying and keep going.

If there are any terms that were used in the listing that you don’t understand, please look them up and do your research. You should enter any new venture with some form of general knowledge.

Happy NYFW!

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