Welcome Renaissance


I honestly wasn’t going to do an end of the year wrap up blog post, but then I thought… WHY NOT? My favorite time period is the roaring 20s as in the 1920’s and in a few hours, we too will be in 2020. How amazing is this? How much of a blessing do we have for this moment? 2019 was a solidifying year of conquering and putting things and people in proper perspective. It was a quest I started early on in this decade. It’s fitting that as the year comes to an end, so has the lesson. I have learned the art of seeing people for who and what they are, not for what I want them to be. I have learned the exquisite value of “no.” I have learned to discern the value of who loves me as a friend and who needs me as an asset.  I have accepted the hardships and joys as both lessons from the opposite side of the same coin.

Decade lessons

  1. Love is still brilliant.
  2. Stars still twinkle.
  3. Genuine friendship makes all days better.
  4. Habits reveal truth.
  5. Focus on the ones who show up.
  6. Time is personal.
  7. Walking away is not always giving up.
  8. Rest is necessary.
  9. Pray often.
  10. Do what you need to do to heal.

The release of “Onyx” was a proud moment. I have a personal attachment with all my books as you could imagine. Art is subjective, but it’s also personal. My poem books have a very special place in my heart. It takes a large amount of vulnerability to be so bold, honest, at times vulgar and heartfelt. This one almost didn’t get released. I will say my tribe is wonderful and their support is real. I went against my norm and hosted a book launch for it. I normally host launches for novels in DC. With this off the grid moment I decided to incorporate “Indigo Spoken,” my lyrical poetry show which also debuted this year. Not much makes me nervous, but that does and of course performing my plays.  Regardless of the path I choose to continue, I am a creative. I am a poet. I am a writer. Everything else is secondary. I stepped out and showcased my talents forging a foundation to expound for moments to come.

Looking back at where I started from in 2010 and where I am headed at the dawn of 2020, I have completed a true 180-degree flip. The last 10 years taught me it is a right to step out on faith. It is good to follow your dreams. Your dreams will make room for you. Once you take the initial leap, the leaps won’t cease. They become grand. They become loud. They become bold. What may start as a whisper will have you bloom singing in full voice soprano in front of your closest supporters. You may begin as a true creative and then morph into a well-rounded entrepreneur. Creating, managing websites, business plans, mentoring, inspiring, supporting, traveling, marketing and nurturing others as well as yourself.  It is a journey. I get tired, frustrated, happy, afraid and still, I choose to continue releasing my talents and staying true to my value.

I am excited for what is to come. For new ventures, new art, partnerships and performances. I have so many plans instore for myself.  I pray the universe agrees. As I conclude my final writing for this year, I would like to wish for you goodness and grace. Thank you for your support. Let the renaissance begin. Happy New Year!

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