Continue the Journey…


Life is about the journey, right? I would say yes, absolutely! With the launch of my new website I have combined my fashion and literary worlds instead keeping them separate as I normally do. It’s easier to keep the worlds compartmentalized and helps me stay organized. I am a person who wears many hats which leads to multiple Instagram accounts Cyrene Renee and Call Me Queen. There isn’t a need to limit myself or confine my talents to suit what may make sense to others to make them feel comfortable. “Cyrene Renee” is an incumbent of many abilities which I continue to accept, explore and build on. It is not only just my brand, but it is also me as a person. Not to confuse the too while remaining authentic and genuine. This is why I consider it a journey. I have yet to meet my destination. My hope is for you to do that same. Whatever your goals, dreams and passions are, may you stay on your path to succeed in everything you desire to accomplish.

With this combined venture, I have decided to enter the realm of “blogging.” It is something that I have been wanting to do since the publication of “Call Me Queen.” I wanted a space for my readers and supporters to understand me as a person beyond the camera, runway and books. Although, I write for other platforms to include Emily Cotton Top reviewing books and conducting author interviews, here I will be taking a more personal approach to my content with writing my thoughts and ideas. I will also recap events that I attend and appearances that I make.

To my long time supporters, I hope that you enjoy my blog! To those who are new to my community, welcome! I am excited for you to be a part of the journey. As always, I am grateful for your time and constant support. Feel free to follow the blog to stay up to date with all posts.

Until next time loves!

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